The Witcher producer says they had to dumb down the show for American fans

The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.
The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. /

The Witcher producer has made some bold statements suggesting they were forced to dumb down the show for American audiences.

From the beginning, The Witcher has faced a lot of controversy among fans with the biggest qualm among audiences being the changes the show has made in adapting the source materials. Many fans have criticized the show’s creative decisions and the unique direction the show has gone in.

These criticisms have been justified and weren’t without merit but in the words of executive producer Tomek Baginski, it seems the fans only have themselves to blame for the choices made by the show.

In a new interview following the release of season 3, Baginski made some bold statements about the fans — particularly American fans — basically insinuating that they had to dumb the show down with simplifications to help make the show less nuanced and complex. As Baginski told Polish newspaper Wyborcza (via Redanian Intelligence):

"“We, Poles, see various political events differently because of our history and experiences. We see more nuances. Especially in the context of what is happening beyond our eastern border. We can recognize this gray area where various influences and powers flow. It is more understandable and transparent to us. For example, that this person is good and this one is bad, but also a little good, and here it’s rather gray and we understand why this good hero does some unpleasant things. We catch it in three seconds.When a series is made for a huge mass of viewers, with different experiences, from different parts of the world, and a large part of them are Americans, these simplifications not only make sense, they are necessary. It’s painful for us, and for me too, but the higher level of nuance and complexity will have a smaller range, it won’t reach people. Sometimes it may go too far, but we have to make these decisions and accept them.”"

The Witcher fans clap back after producer mocks them

Needless to say, as fans have caught wind of Tomek Baginski’s comments about needing to simplify The Witcher for American audiences, they’ve not exactly taken kindly to the remarks he made which suggest the American fan base couldn’t handle a higher level of nuance and complexity. Here are just a few responses from fans:

Given the show is coming up on a big transitional year with Liam Hemsworth taking over for Henry Cavill, it’ll be interesting to see how many fans opt to stick with the show — especially following the remarks made by the producer.

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