How many post-credit scenes does Blue Beetle have?

If you’re heading out to theaters to see Blue Beetle, you’re going to want to stick around once the credits begin rolling.

While there’s plenty of mystery surrounding this spine-attached scarab-hero Blue Beetle, I am here to let you in on a little something-something I’ve stumbled upon. According to, there are two post-credit scenes for Blue Beetle.

If fans out there felt their inquisitive antennas picking up buzzing from a recent block party in Austin, they were absolutely correct (and they must give me their superpowers). The event wasn’t just a little bbq or block party – it apparently hosted a premiere of Blue Beetle. Director Angel Manuel Soto fired up the screens for the attendees, and according to our lovely source above the movie reportedly includes not one, but two post-credit scenes. Extra scenes? More Beetle? Sign me up.

Details about these scenes have not been shared, which both annoys and pleases me. Though what’s perfectly clear in those two scenes is their promise of “something bigger”. Are they teasing another DC superhero movie? Is it a possible sequel? Or something entirely different to connect the movie to the reboot of the DCU, which it’s not a direct part of, but could totally be in a future installment?

Alas, the speculation is all we have to tide us over until the movie hits theaters.

Blue Beetle’s leap from the comic panels to the silver screen is exciting and refreshing. In the comics, Jaime Reyes is the third incarnation of the character, wielding powers received from the scarab that transforms into an armored suit. This alien-infused suit gives Jaime extraordinary speed and strength, turning him into a one-man army in blue.

For now, all we can say is, brace yourselves for a journey into the world of the Blue Beetle – it promises bugs (eww), action, and mystery. Make sure to catch it in theaters on August 18!