Batman (1989) cast: Where are they now?

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Photo: Batman / Warner Bros. Studios, Image Courtesy Fathom Events Press (Batman 80th Anniversary)

Batman 1989 was one of Hollywood’s most pivotal movies. Where did the cast end up after their unforgettable and game-changing adventure in Gotham City?

Batman changed Hollywood for the better. We’re not just saying that as biased comic book fans or devoted Bat-fans; we’re stating a fact. Not only did it reinvent the Caped Crusader for a new audience in a way that many of the non-comic book fans hadn’t seen before, it was in many ways the first modern superhero blockbuster movie – a staple of Hollywood today.

Directed by Tim Burton, Batman released in theaters back in 1989. It was a game-changer; a larger-than-life extravaganza that stunned audiences around the globe. It also made people talk with its unexpected casting of Michael Keaton in the title role, but the initial backlash gave way to nothing but adoration for the star’s career-defining turn as the very best of the live-action Batmen.

Over three decades later, we still have a lot to thank Batman for. It was the first of its kind, and a damn gripping ride at that. But we know what the movie ended up doing with its enduring legacy, so what about its cast? What have they been up to since?

From Keaton’s Caped Crusader to Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale, let’s catch up with the cast of Batman (1989).

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