10 Marvel Comics characters we want Batman to fight

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Photo: Batman.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe

Who are the top ten Marvel Comics characters Batman should fight? Who would win? Find out right here. 

Once upon a time, it wasn’t unheard of for rival companies to work together. Who Framed Roger Rabbit featured Disney and Warner Bros characters in the same film. There were also times when DC and Marvel Comics would collaborate as well.

In the four-part mini-series DC Versus Marvel, Superman fought the Hulk at the Grand Canyon, Storm took on Wonder Woman in the air, and Wolverine battled Lobo in a space bar. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen anymore. People definitely buy the issues.

The relatively new comic book movie and TV phenomenon has gone beyond just the movies. People are getting into the source material and have more questions. Among those queries is whether Batman is as good as people say.

The Dark Knight is a legend for a reason. He’s a powerless hero that’s feared and respected throughout the universe. He has a reputation in the Marvel Comics universe as well. He defeated Bullseye with one punch and he later beat Captain America in a hard-fought contest.

Coming up are the ten Marvel Comics characters Batman should fight. We’ll look into why it would be interesting, how he’d fair, and why Bruce would win or lose. The first one may be the most popular.

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