DC’s new Batman movie just took a MAJOR step forward

The Hollywood gears are grinding back to life as the Writers Guild of America strike comes to an end bringing an exciting update for DC’s new Batman movie.

With the WGA strike finally coming to an end, be prepared to hear all about the shows that will be slowly thawing out from this freezer. Among them is a cinematic treat that’s got every comic book fan on the edge of their seats: the live-action movie that will reboot Batman – The Brave and the Bold.

As the strikes start to simmer down and the keyboards are set to be dusted off, Gotham City is flipping on the Bat-Signal. Development for The Brave and the Bold is about to start back up and get back onto the fast track. Even with whispers of Andy Muschietti – who directed The Flash –  manning the project, strikes in Hollywood put all things on a Frozen journey nobody wanted.

While we celebrate the WGA strike coming to a close, we are still very aware of the ongoing actors’ strike still throwing wrenches around. But with a strong WGA deal being obtained and agreed on, movies yet to be penned or produced can get a head start on springing back to life, this Batman reboot leading the way.

With James Gunn and Peter Safran’s very not-subtle hints, we might be in for a treat and see more of the Bat Family. We know we will see Damien Wayne, the franchise’s fifth Robin, brought to life. We could also possibly see Nightwing and Batgirl –  what’s known of the script so far promises a deep dive into Grant Morrison’s wonderful Batman comic.

As we wait for more info on this and other shows we’ve been patiently waiting for, we can now relax knowing our screenwriters are being treated more fairly and more of our favorite fandoms can come back to our screens.