WWE: 11 things nobody wants to admit about The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time (probably the greatest). But what are some of the things about his career that fans don’t discuss often enough?

The Undertaker at WWE SmackDown (courtesy of WWE.com).
The Undertaker at WWE SmackDown (courtesy of WWE.com). /
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The Undertaker, WWE
The Undertaker on WWE Raw in 1999. (Courtesy of WWE.com) /

10. The Ministry era should have lasted longer

The Ministry of Darkness era was one of a kind. Yes, it was arguably the most outlandish and boundary-pushing era that WWE ever experienced, and there is often some criticism over how “overbooked” the majority of the matches in 1999 were, but that doesn’t change the fact that The Undertaker was incredible during every single aspect of it.

While the origins of the Ministry began in late 1998, it didn’t fully gather momentum until ‘Taker’s return in early 1999. With a demonic pointed goatee, a sinister new look, and a new habit of speaking in tongues, this was The Undertaker at his darkest. He was no longer the fan-favorite grim reaper of justice, but a villainous leader of a supernatural cult who would stop at nothing to take over the WWE.

The Phenom is seen as a locker room leader backstage but here we got to see him lead on-screen, and he was nothing short of terrifying in doing so. He spoke on the microphone more, convincing us all that he would succeed in his plan, and that there was nobody who could stop him. It further highlighted Mark Calaway’s talents in both the mic and acting departments, and it really would have been something to see it progress further.

Fun as it was, the Corporate Ministry was a bit of a copout – especially as both The Ministry and The Corporation had been feuding for months prior to this. Yes, it produced some great moments (and a title reign for The Deadman) but he often got lost in the wider McMahon vs. Austin storyline, so it would probably have been in everyone’s best interests if the Ministry of Darkness was given the spotlight for a bit longer.

And speaking of 1999...