Marvel Comics: Iron Man’s armor is about to become unstoppable

Iron Man 2. © 2010 MARVEL
Iron Man 2. © 2010 MARVEL /

Tony Stark’s next Iron Man armor could be as invincible as his nickname.

Tony Stark is broke. If that’s not bad enough, Feilong owns the rights to his company. With that comes the patents to the Iron Man armor. This forced Tony to give Feilong his last suit of armor. If you thought that would stop Iron Man, you’d be wrong.

The first thing Tony did was steal his stealth suit back from Stane International. This allowed him to function as a hero. Maybe not like the Iron Avenger we’re used to seeing. Just enough to get by. In issue No. 10 of Invincible Iron, Emma Frost tells Tony about Mysterium. It’s a metal created by mutants that’s seemingly indestructible (S.W.O.R.D. No 6). You can guess what Tony thought of next. It was time to upgrade his next suit.

Under the guise of their honeymoon, Emma helped Tony enter Krakoa and get to her old Krakoan home, the White Palace (Invincible Iron No. 11). After infiltrating Krakoa while Orchis was there and defeating an Ape with a Ph.D. (seriously), Tony left with a chest full of Mysterium.

Before Tony created his Mark 72 armor, he tested it by using some of it and creating a cane to test its capabilities. The first test was its physical durability. Tony took the cane to Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and she couldn’t bend it. Next up was Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme was unable to even levitate it with a spell. The last test may have been the most impressive. It was even invulnerable to Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense.

If Tony Stark successfully uses Mysterium to create his armor, it could be immune to anything Orchis throws at him. A benefit that would help the X-Men, but what about Tony Stark’s character in the long run? Would it make him too powerful to take away from Tony Stark’s appeal? Being indestructible isn’t a trait that would appeal to the masses.

Another question is if this is the same Iron Man armor seen in the trailer for Rise of the Powers of X. There appears to be a Krakoan made Iron Man with the other X-Men of the future. However, that doesn’t mean Tony was the one in the armor. For all we know, this could be Emma Frost. If Tony died, he’d definitely leave her the armor. If this was a year ago, this writer would have said Riri Williams would have gotten it. Now that Tony is falling for the White Queen, it would go to her.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next for Tony Stark and the X-Men. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out.

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What do you think about Iron Man’s armor upgrade? Do you think it holds the key to defeating Orchis?