The Penguin season 1 gets late 2024 premiere as The Batman 2 remains iced out

We might not be getting a new Batman movie in 2024, but it seems HBO is planning on dropping The Penguin season 1 before the year’s end! 

Fans might not be getting a new movie starring The Dark Knight in 2024, but it seems we will still be getting to return to Matt Reeves’ Gotham next year after all! While the television schedule remains very much in flux due to the ongoing actors’ strike, HBO is looking to bring DC fans the first season of The Penguin in Fall 2024!

That’s right, The Penguin will rise in late 2024 as Colin Farrell reprises his breakout role from 2022’s The Batman via HBO’s newest original series. While details about the show remain scarce, the show was confirmed to be on HBO’s 2024 calendar during a press presentation on Nov. 2 with HBO slotting the series in for the fall.

While Fall 2024 might seem like forever, it’s actually a promising update as it would have been easy for HBO to push the show back to 2025. After all, HBO showed it has no issue pushing series back announcing today that The White Lotus, Euphoria, and its It sequel series have all been delayed to 2025.

The Penguin will bridge the gap between The Batman and The Batman Part 2

With The Batman Part 2 slated for October 3, 2025, fans are in for a long wait before The Dark Knight next returns on the big screen. Fortunately, The Penguin has been designed in a way that will essentially help bridge the gap between the first film and its sequel.

It’s been confirmed that The Penguin season 1 will pick up just days after the events of The Batman diving into the fallout of The Riddler’s attack on Gotham. With Carmine Falcone dead, Oswald Cobblepot will look to rise to power in the criminal underworld amid the chaos that ensues following Riddler’s attack.

Of course, Penguin’s rise to power won’t come easily. While Falcone might be out of the way, his daughter Sofia isn’t about to let her father’s criminal empire be stolen away from her without a fight. With Cristin Milioti tapped to play Sofia in the series, fans should be in for a treat and we can’t wait to see her character go toe-to-toe with Farrell’s Penguin!

Given the show will take place in the immediate fallout of The Batmanwe imagine there will be plenty of references to the film. We also expect the show will lay the foundation for the sequel film by building up Penguin as a larger threat to the city and a bigger player within the criminal underworld.

Who knows, maybe Robert Pattinson’s Batman will even make a cameo before the show ends as a way to directly set up the sequel. After all James Gunn is looking to make the DC Universe more connected, and what better way to build hype for The Batman Part 2 than with a cameo from The Dark Knight himself?!