Marvel’s Echo: You’re not ready for the brutal first trailer

Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvel Studios' ECHO, releasing on Hulu and Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2023 MARVEL.
Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Marvel Studios' ECHO, releasing on Hulu and Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2023 MARVEL. /

Stop what you’re doing. Marvel has just released a new trailer for their upcoming show, Echo, and you need to see it.

Marvel Studios is delivering an epic haymaker straight to your streaming universe. On January 10, 2024, the much-anticipated series Echo will burst onto the screens of both Disney Plus and Hulu with a punch that’s bound to leave a mark. It will also make Marvel Studios and Disney Plus history as the first original series to drop all of its episodes on the same day, following in the footsteps of Netflix releases.

If you’re more than ready to revisit the world of the Echo character, who we first met in 2021’s Hawkeye, then look no further than the announcements Marvel just made. Today’s release of the electrifying new trailer and eye-catching poster is just the appetizer to the main event, which happens to be a five-episode saga.

In Echo, you enter the world of Maya Lopez, portrayed by the immensely talented Alaqua Cox, whose life is more tangled than the headphones in your gym bag. Echo isn’t your garden-variety superhero narrative – it’s a story that’s as much about the punches Echo throws as the emotional uppercuts she receives. Our protagonist finds herself playing a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with Wilson Fisk’s notorious criminal empire, led by none other than Vincent D’Onofrio, whose portrayal of the Kingpin in Daredevil and Hawkeye has already etched a permanent scowl onto the Mount Rushmore of villainy.

Marvel gets violent in gritty Echo trailer

By the looks of this trailer, this is going to be epic. And violent. It’s also going to make even more history, as the five-part saga will be the first ever TV-MA project produced by Marvel Studios.

Maya Lopez is forced to deal with family secrets that would make your average awkward Thanksgiving dinners seem pleasant. As she confronts her past, she must untangle the web of lies and rediscover her voice, literally and figuratively, in a world where her actions echo louder than words.

Make sure you circle January 10 on your calendar with the brightest highlighter you own, because that’s when all five episodes will drop simultaneously on Disney+ and Hulu. Perfect for a full-on Marvel marathon, and sleep is not invited. This marks the first time Marvel Studios has given us a series that’s entirely bingeable from the get-go.

And for those who like to savor their superhero showdowns like a fine wine, worry not – the episodes will stay put on Hulu until April 9th, giving you plenty of time to witness every punch, kick, and intense moment. So if you don’t have Disney Plus, you’ll be able to watch it on Hulu for sometime to come.

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Are you ready for Echo to premiere on Disney Plus and Hulu? Will you be watching the Hawkeye spinoff?