Every key difference from the Invincible comic and Amazon show (S2E1)

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Invincible season 2

Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video

Season 2, episode 1 of Invincible on Amazon Prime changed things from the source material, but were they the right moves for the show?

Comic book shows and movies always change things from the source material. It’s not that the original stories are bad. Sometimes it’s a matter of making the stories work on a new platform. Invincible is no different.

The first season altered a lot. For example, the storylines were accelerated to keep fans interested. Other things were switched because they were out of date or didn’t make sense for the program. Since that happened in season 1, it’s not shocking that it would happen in season 2.

Here are the five most notable moments that changed from the Invincible comic book to the Amazon Prime show.

5. The invincible alternate reality

When Angstrom Levy made his debut in the comics, the altercation between Invincible and Omni-Man was much shorter. The two Viltrumites defeated the resistance a lot quicker than what was seen in the comics. There were three more notable changes. The Immortal was killed before getting to his secret hideout, there were more people in the underground, and Atom Eve was there. These were smart changes.

Having Invincible and Omni-Man slaughter more people and paralyze Eve made the opening shocking opening. This lets the audience know that Mark isn’t a good person in every reality. He’s actually a villain in most universes. That’s something that will come into play before the season ends.

If the scene was shorter, it wouldn’t have had the same effect on viewers. Thankfully, the creative team is top-tier.

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