What If…? season 2 gets premiere date (and there’s a major twist)

Captain Carter (center) and the Howling Commandos in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF...? exclusively on Disney+. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Captain Carter (center) and the Howling Commandos in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF...? exclusively on Disney+. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved. /

Things have gotten a little twisted in the multiverse, and it’s all due to the new trailer for What If…? Season 2 and the reveal of its release date.

Marvel fans will have a merry maddening Christmas, and it’s all thanks to What If…? Season 2. After months of speculation, the MCU’s latest animated project finally has a release date. As if it wasn’t enough, fans now have a better idea of what to expect once the new season hits Disney+ later this year thanks to an epic trailer. I guess you could look at it as a very early Christmas present.

The new trailer for What If…? Season 2 gives us our first look at returning fan favorites like The Watcher, Doctor Strange Supreme, and Captain Carter while revealing new characters such as Hela and Hank Pym in his Ant-Man attire. The trailer it’s epic, it features the animation fans fell in love with from the first season, and it has a fantastic soundtrack. You can take a look at it below:

What If…? Season 2 release date

Starting December 22, every day will see the release of a new episode of What If…? Season 2. That will last until December 30, when all nine episodes of the season will be available for everyone to see. Additionally, we also have our first look at the season’s poster, which thematically fits with the current holiday spirit.

This marks yet another change to Marvel’s release strategy as we’ve never seen episodes of a show dropped daily over a short window of time. Instead, Marvel has typically dropped new episodes weekly over the course of several weeks. The move comes just days before Marvel tries another first when dropping all five episodes of Echo at once.

What If…? season 2 episode information

While we don’t have any confirmation yet of what the season will be about, that hasn’t stopped some leaks from giving us a hint. According to The Nerd Rage Podcast, these will be the following titles for every episode of What If…? Season 2:

  • What if Gamora killed Thanos?
  • What if Captain Carter finds Hydra Stomper?
  • What if the Tesseract landed in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy before the colonization of America?
  • What if Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne fought the Red Guardian during the 1980s?
  • What if Yondu delivered Star-Lord to Ego?
  • What if Happy Hogan saved Christmas?
  • What if Wanda had grown up watching musicals instead of sitcoms?
  • What if Odin & Hela had faced Wenwu?
  • What if the Avengers had fought Surtur?

It’s easy to see how this leak could be real thanks to the latest trailer. There are glimpses of Hela and Odin scattered throughout our first look of Season 2, which could fit into the episode titled “What if Odin & Hela had faced Wenwu?”. The trailer also ends with a conversation between Darcy Lewis and Happy Hogan, probably being a part of the episode “What if Happy Hogan saved Christmas?”.

Only time will tell if those episode titles are real, but one thing is for certain: We can’t wait to find out more, and the latest trailer only got us more excited.

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