27 best fighters in the Arrowverse, ranked

Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW
Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW /
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7. Barry Allen – The Flash

Barry Allen would be the first character to admit that he’s not a fighter, he’d much prefer to talk to his enemies and work out a solution than resort to punching. But, if he has to, he can be pretty handy with his fists. Much like the Reverse Flash, his super-speed gives him the edge over most combatants. His speed allows him to move faster than the eye can register and, because of this, he’s able to completely overwhelm his opponents.

Ever since he acquired his powers in the particle accelerator explosion, he has constantly tried to learn and improve his skills. There’s a lot more to his arsenal than simply being fast. The speed he generates allows him to create bolts of lightning to throw at his opponents and even phase through solid matter. Not many villains are capable of dealing with this sort of onslaught.

In truth, the only reason Barry doesn’t place much higher on this list is the fact that he’s actually pretty useless as a fighter without his powers. Take the Elseworlds crossover, for instance, which sees a powerless Barry easily defeated by Jimmy Olsen and his goons.