6 reasons why Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is perfection

Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Image courtesy Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Image courtesy Insomniac Games /
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Image courtesy Insomniac Games
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Image courtesy Insomniac Games /

2. The MJ missions

The biggest complaint people had about the previous game was the Mary Jane missions. It was a lot of sneaking around when you just wanted to attack stuff. Spider-Man 2 still has the MJ missions, except they’re more fun this time around.

MJ still has her taser and distraction discs, but that’s not all. She comes with training from Silver Sable and web and sonic attachments to her taser. This makes things a lot more fun. Plus, you don’t immediately die whenever you’re caught. Sometimes you’re allowed to take out your enemy before they can kill you. It’s still not as fun as playing with Peter or Miles, but it’s better than the previous game.

1. Spider-Men

Finally, we come to the two main characters. Who would be more important, Miles or Peter? Is it the student or the teacher? The answer is simple, both.

Throughout the game, Miles and Peter were equals. They had their own stories and missions, but one didn’t overshadow the other. This is a rarity in games like this. Of course, people will have their favorite for different reasons. As far as the PlayStation game is concerned, both characters equally contributed to each major victory.

Peter was still the star, but he didn’t outshine Miles. There’s a major difference between the two. Miles had his moments, but you could tell it was still Peter’s game. And, if Peter outshined Miles, Spider-Man 3 may not do so well when it’s released on PlayStation. Thankfully, Peter got a nice send-off for his farewell game. However, it won’t be shocking when he’s a playable character in another Insomniac game.

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