The Expanse: Every character ranked from worst to best

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The Expanse -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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The Expanse
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Gather ’round, you beltalowda. Let’s celebrate the amazing show that is The Expanse and rank the characters in its incredible lineup.

Before I say anything else, let me just slap a friendly neighborhood THIS POST WAS MADE BASED ON PERSONAL OPINION warning on this beauty. My list most definitely does not look like yours.

The Expanse, a series that has taken the sci-fi genre by storm, stands tall as one of the best in its category. Set in a future where humanity has been pretty busy colonizing the solar system, The Expanse has a rich story that explores political intrigue, interplanetary tensions, and the struggles of various factions for control. What sets it apart from any other sci-fi show out there is its meticulous attention to scientific accuracy, grounding its futuristic vision in a plausible reality. This commitment to realism, paired with a stellar cast, makes The Expanse a must-watch for sci-fi fans.

At the heart of The Expanse‘s success are its characters, each bringing a unique flavor to the series. My top 10 characters in the show have become my favorites for their depth, complexity, and memorable moments. The show’s ability to balance intense action sequences with character-driven storytelling appeals to a broad audience with a taste for both excitement and emotional depth, which is a huge part of what makes this show spectacular.

As we take a look into the top 10 characters, it’s obvious that The Expanse has not only raised the bar for sci-fi television, but also etched its place among the best in the genre, captivating audiences with its engaging plotlines and well-crafted characters.

So… let’s talk about this top 10, shall we?