The Expanse: Every character ranked from worst to best

The Expanse -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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Photo: The Expanse: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Photo: The Expanse: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

9. Alex Kamal

Alex lands at number 9 on my list, and it’s easy to see why he’s got a special place in the hearts of fans. He’s the talented pilot of the Rocinante and is pretty much the glue that keeps the team together up there in space. Alex is like that cool friend everyone wishes they had, especially when things get super intense. He’s got piloting skills that are off the charts, always pulling off these crazy maneuvers that save the day.

What really makes Alex stand out, though, is his overall vibe. He’s got this good-hearted, easy-going nature that brings a bit of lightness to the show. When things get heavy, you can count on Alex to crack a joke or flash a smile that cuts the tension. It’s not just about him being funny – he’s like that reliable buddy who’s always there when you need him, no matter what. He might not be at the very top of the list, as I see him more of a support guy than the one in the spotlight, but Alex definitely adds a lot of heart and soul to The Expanse, making the whole space journey feel a bit more like home.

In the books that The Expanse is based on, Alex Kamal’s fate takes a different turn compared to the TV show, and it’s a change that definitely caught the book fans off guard. Without giving away too many spoilers, let’s just say that Alex’s journey in the books goes a bit further, with his character continuing to evolve and play a significant role in the unfolding events of the series. This difference highlights one of the interesting aspects of adapting a book series to television: sometimes characters get a different treatment, whether it’s for narrative pacing, audience engagement, or… other creative reasons.