5 things nobody wants to admit about Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 - Photo Courtesy: Funimation
Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 - Photo Courtesy: Funimation /
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4. Grisha was a below average father to Zeke AND Eren

Whenever Grisha Yaeger‘s fatherhood comes into question, the majority of the fandom always feels that the father of Zeke and Eren was only terrible to Zeke. However, when we compare all that we know now, we can say that Grisha was extremely harsh to both of his kids in different ways.

With Zeke, Grisha relentlessly ensured that Zeke understood the dog-eat-dog dynamic of the world. Sure, Grisha was doing this to protect his child from suffering the same fate as his late sister, Faye, who died for her obliviousness to the rough nature of the world. But like Faye, Zeke was just a kid who didn’t need to be exposed to such a terrible reality at such a young age.

Grisha should’ve done everything to preserve his childlike nature, not force him to grow up and mature as soon as possible. Maybe then he and his first wife, Dina, could’ve avoided being ratted on by their child, leading to their ultimate demise.

As for Eren, Grisha was a decent father in the young boy’s formative years. It’s only when Grisha was nearing the end of his time in the story that he becomes a monster.

Grisha forced his kid to take the titan serum, so it was guaranteed that someone he loves and somewhat trusts had the Founding Titan and could use it to, hopefully, better the world. This decision backfired on him when Eren turned into a titan and then consumed his father, serving as symbolism for the consequences that arise once someone like Grisha takes it too far. A father who would put his child in harm’s way isn’t exactly who we can say is a good father.

Although Grisha has since apologized to Zeke and repented of his sins against Eren, the pain and consequences still linger. Grisha failed to be sensitive to both of his kids’ wants and needs. And for that, we can’t necessarily say that he didn’t aid in turning both of his children into lost, confused, and savage individuals who have, unfortunately, hurt many, many people. Had he been kind like Carla, his second wife, it’s safe to say that his kids would’ve turned out a lot differently.