Batman: All 9 Batwings and Batplanes ranked from worst to best

Photo: Batman Forever.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Forever.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /
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7. The Batwing (The Batman)

No, Robert Pattinson did not use the Batwing in the 2022 Matt Reeves film The Batman, but the Caped Crusader did call upon it in the 2004 animated series of the same name. This is another opportunity for me to remind y’all that The Batman is a seriously underrated aspect of the Dark Knight’s legacy and deserves more love.

The show made full use of the hero’s arsenal of gadgets and vehicles but the Batwing is one of its more overlooked additions. It made its first appearance when Batman went up against Maxie Zeus, and that makes sense as he needed something that could cruise through the skies.

To say this Batwing had a unique look would be an understatement. There were no pointed Bat ears at the front of it as it opted for a more rotund look. Batman would sit in the central pod (which had a retractable seal at the forefront), while there were two large rounded wings on either side for navigation, each one pointing out towards the back of the vehicle.

It was an unusual look but admirably different from what we had seen before, and yet another reminder that The Batman was out here trying its own thing and thriving.