Retooling the Tohoverse: Several Kaiju in need of the “Minus One” treatment

Godzilla Minus One. Image courtesy Toho International, Inc.
Godzilla Minus One. Image courtesy Toho International, Inc. /
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Time for Gigan to cut in!

Eventually, if these other films get made there’s going to be a need for one of these films to go full violent monster vs. monster. Regardless of how human they make the film, there needs to be kaiju fighting kaiju in a Godzilla-verse or I will just go insane. Honestly, I think the perfect choice for the first run-in for Godzilla would be Gigan. Specifically in the way the official channel decided to modernize Gigan in the video above.

See, Gigan was one of the creatures that helped introduce the concept of aliens to the Godzilla lore. He and his boss Megalor (who almost took this spot) were sent to clear the earth for their overlords to make the place nice and empty for them. Because, apparently these fancy aliens wanted a land of nothing but shattered concrete. Aliens are weird.

The reason I would go with Gigan over Megalor though is, honestly, while Megalor looks better, Gigan is terrifying because of how weird he is. Dude comes rolling in with a physique like Barney the Dinosaur, he’s got a beak, he’s got Cyclop’s visor, he’s got a fin, and he’s got long hook hands. He’s a lot. One of his most notable traits is the long spikes along his belly that, guess what, move like a chainsaw when he wants to do a painful attack hug. He’s a lot.

And I think that’s why Gigan (or Gigans in the video above) would be a great foe for Godzilla. Gigan is violent. He is sharp things and lasers all kept within a giant eggplant-shaped mascot costume with zero expression. Out of all the creatures Godzilla encounters, nothing shows the pure concept of emotionless ripping and tearing quite like Godzilla. He’s not like Mothra (or to an extent Godzilla) that can be reasoned with on rare occasions. This dude is a wrecking ball left in drive and abandoned, left to do whatever damage it can onto whatever it can crash into.

Because of that, I think Gigan would be perfect for the Minus One verse as this would be the opportunity for Godzilla himself to have a thoughtless death machine dropped on him just like the people of the town have had to learn to deal with. Plus, you could then link to Megalor who is also super fun and violent in his own way.

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