All 11 animated Batman TV shows ranked from worst to best

Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros.
Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros. /
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Batman has led some of the greatest animated TV shows ever made, but which of those adventures are the very best?

Batman has a long and rich history in just about every medium imaginable. Whether we’re talking comic books, movies, video games, or TV shows, DC’s Caped Crusader has such a presence in anything and everything that people consume. But perhaps none of his accomplishments are quite as impressive as his history with animated TV shows.

We all know the impact that the legendary Batman: The Animated Series made but The Dark Knight has been fighting crime and saving the day in cartoons long before – and long after – that series debuted in 1992. Whether you grew up watching the animated spinoff of the 1966 TV series or the underrated The Batman that entertained us all in 2004, you likely had an animated Batman in your life at some point or another if you were a fan of the character.

With that in mind, which of those animated outings were the best, and which ones never quite lived up to expectations? As we continue to celebrate the legacy of The World’s Greatest Detective, let’s take this opportunity to revisit all of Bruce Wayne’s animated adventures and figure out which one(s) truly reign supreme.