All 11 animated Batman TV shows ranked from worst to best

Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros.
Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros. /
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Batman Beyond, Batman, DCEU
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3. Batman Beyond

The DC Animated Universe was the gift that just kept on giving. The year after Batman: The Animated Series‘ revamped season came to a close, it decided to continue the story in the form of a new show. This time, it was Batman Beyond (or Batman Of The Future for the UK fans reading this) – a completely new chapter of the Batman legacy that focused on a brand new character.

Terry McGinnis accidentally stumbled into a retired Bruce Wayne’s life, eventually resulting in the retired superhero getting back in the game as the eyes and ears of a new Batman. That new Batman was, of course, Terry, who took to the streets (or, well, skies) of Gotham City to stop a whole new generation of villains.

Batman Beyond was edgier and younger than its predecessors, placing more of a focus on Terry’s life at Hamilton Hill High School, and that ultimately set it apart. Yes, it was a spinoff sequel but it was a whole monster of its own too, and that much was made clear by Terry McGinnis’ eventual introduction in the DC Comics lore. That youthful energy made the saga appeal to a whole new generation, while the return of the legendary Kevin Conroy to voice the veteran Bruce Wayne was more than enough to ensure the DCAU fans returned as well.