Batman: All 20 Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Photo: Batman Returns. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Returns. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /
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5. The Batman

Matt Reeves’ The Batman successfully relaunched the Batman franchise with a look into the hero’s early years (by way of skipping the origin story). For this take on the character, Reeves and the team behind the production wanted simple but effective. That vision came to life beautifully in the form of a tactical suit that allowed our new Dark Knight to engage in extremely physical combat and take a lot of damage.

The thing that sets this grounded Batsuit ahead of the one seen in The Dark Knight is that it also leans into the more Gothic elements too. It’s not just armor, it’s a symbol of vengeance designed to strike fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s most notorious criminals. The Dracula-esque collar on the cape really drives that notion home, as does the stretched cowl, which pays tribute to Adam West’s iconic Batsuit from 1966.

It’s the little things with Pattinson’s Batsuit that make it stand out, and the removable Bat-symbol in the chest-plate is another example of that. It’s a thoughtful and subtle tribute to other Batmen suits, while also fitting so perfectly well into the grim world that Reeves established around The Batman.

Simple but effective, yes. But also terrifying. Very, very terrifying.