10 best PlayStation exclusive games ranked

PlayStation has some of the best exclusive video games out of any console. So it's time to find out which of them are the best.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered for PS5. Image courtesy Sony PlayStation
The Last of Us Part II Remastered for PS5. Image courtesy Sony PlayStation /
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2. Bloodborne

There's a reason the influence of this game is still felt in modern titles such as Lies of P. It's the same reason why players have been constantly asking for a remaster of this incredible adventure for more than four years now. It's all due to BloodBorne's over-the-top and well-earned acclaim. Even with all the amazing releases that FromSoftware has had over the years, their work on this iconic video game continues to be one of their best.

Think about all the different aspects that make up a game. There needs to be a great soundtrack to make key moments exciting or heartfelt. More often than not there's an exhilarating combat system that pushes players to their limits. Developers have to work on multiple things such as level design, art style, environmental storytelling, boss fights, animations, and countless other aspects. So it's quite an amazing feat that Bloodborne manages to shine in every one of these things without fail.

The only place where Bloodborne would seem to fall behind at first glance is in its bizarre story. After all, it is not told explicitly to players like in most other video games. Instead, it is hidden behind item descriptions, vague dialogs, and secret notes scattered through its world. However, if you were ever to attempt to put all of these pieces together, it would lead you down an amazing rabbit hole that has no escape. Seriously, uncovering Bloodborne's lore is addicting and it makes you feel like a big, hidden truth is slowly being revealed to you. At that moment, it becomes apparent that even the story of this game is nothing short of amazing as well.

Much like other FromSoftware titles, Bloodborne is unforgiving. It doesn't tell you where to go, what to do, or even how some key gameplay mechanics work. Besides, its bosses are some of the most difficult and horrifying found in any other soulslike project to date. However, when you finally figure out the main path and defeat every enemy along the way (even if it's with the help of a friend), it'll give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Come on, PlayStation, it's time already. We need a Bloodborne remake. Even a remaster would do the trick.