10 best PlayStation exclusive games ranked

PlayStation has some of the best exclusive video games out of any console. So it's time to find out which of them are the best.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered for PS5. Image courtesy Sony PlayStation
The Last of Us Part II Remastered for PS5. Image courtesy Sony PlayStation /
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6. Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games took everything it learned from its previous work on Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and used it to craft one of the best superhero adventures ever made to this very date.

Granted, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 does not reinvent the wheel. It uses common tropes found in other superhero open-world games (including its predecessors) and includes familiar mechanics we've seen before. As an example, there are collectibles hidden on the map waiting to be found (in the form of spider-bots), there are multiple enemy bases that need to be cleared, and some traversal obstacle courses for players to complete (like having to stay inside of a set path when gliding and chasing Kraven's drones). However, the game truly shines in improving the mechanics found in previous titles of Insomniac's Spider-Man saga.

Web-swinging was already a flawless mechanic in Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4, and yet Insoniac managed to surpass it with the inclusion of web-wings. Besides combat was also reworked to avoid having to slow down time to change gadgets, making fights feel fast-paced and responsive. The inclusion of a parry button was a welcome addition as well, and bosses aren't nearly as forgettable this time around.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features big set pieces that feel as if they were taken directly from comic book pages, two main playable characters with different sets of abilities, an amazing narrative that makes villains such as Kraven shine every step of the way, and a touching, personal arc for both Peter and Miles. As far as superhero games go, this is one of the best players could ever find. Yes, Batman: Arkham Asylum reached unprecedented heights when it was originally released back in 2009. But Rocksteady's beloved superhero saga finally met a worthy contender thanks to the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2.