10 comic book series that ended perfectly

Whether these ten comic books ended their series with happiness or tragedy, the one thing for certain is that they finished perfectly.

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10. Ultimate Spider-Man

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

"But I saved you. I did it."

Peter Parker (Earth-1610)

Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker) was the last good story of the original Ultimate Universe. Like most Peter Parker tales, his life was full of regret and tragedy. However, Peter's final moment was saving Aunt May, Johnny Storm, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane from the Green Goblin. The Green Goblins may have smiled at the end, but he didn’t get the last laugh. Osborn was still defeated and bleeding. 

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9. The Boys

Writers: Garth Ennis

"An' the fella I am loves Annie January"

Hughie Campbell

People read The Boys and get distracted by the violence, but this story is about different kinds of love. The love of friends becoming family and friends becoming lovers. While there was a lot of tragedy, there was one happy ending. Hughie and Annie were finally together. Despite all of the nastiness that happened, they made it work.

The only negative is that the superhero business didn’t change. Vought was still going to make money off people with powers. They’d just rebrand them and ship them back out. However, this doesn’t ruin the ending. It became an example of how some things never change.

8. The Wicked + The Divine

Writer: Kieron Gillen

"Look past the words. Remember they are written. They conceal the truth beneath it all."

Laura Wilson

I don’t know if this was a happy ending or not. A lot of people died pointless deaths thanks to evil and misguided people. The one silver lining is the centuries-long cycle of violence ended. People wouldn’t die for someone’s greed. And, the heroes of the story got to live their happiest lives. They grew old, contributed to the world, and learned to love the way they wanted to.