10 comic book series that ended perfectly

Whether these ten comic books ended their series with happiness or tragedy, the one thing for certain is that they finished perfectly.

Invincible season 2
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7. All Star Superman

Writer: Grant Morrison

"You could have saved the world years ago if it mattered to you, Luthor."


Yes, Superman defeats Lex Luthor. Yes, he did it with brains while Lex Luthor had enhanced abilities. Yes, Superman called out Luthor for being selfish and was correct. Lex could have saved the world at any point. Except he didn’t want to save humanity. Lex wanted credit for doing it. All that being said, you won’t truly feel how perfect this is until you read it. It reminds people who Superman is and All-Star Superman is the epitome of that.

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6. New Avengers

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

"And that is one day I am going for a walk. A free man of conviction."

Luke Cage

Luke Cage led the Avengers despite the world being against them. They put their foot down because they knew the Superhero Registration Act was wrong. But there was a question he needed to answer. When would Luke know that the battle was won? The Avengers had been fighting so long that it wasn't clear when they could catch their breath.

After going over the recent past, Luke came to a simple conclusion. He said it was over when he could walk in the park conviction-free. That's when he'd know the fight was over. The New Avengers Finale showed exactly that. With him, were his wife, daughter, and the Avengers who stuck it out with him. It was a beautiful way to end the series.