10 comic book series that ended perfectly

Whether these ten comic books ended their series with happiness or tragedy, the one thing for certain is that they finished perfectly.

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5. Secret Wars

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

"It's doing good that counts, not necessarily how you do it."

Reed Richards

Jonathan Hickman’s build-up to Secret Wars was epic. It wouldn’t have mattered if he didn’t stick the landing. Thankfully, Hickman is a reliable writer. He created a crossover event that helped reset Marvel Comics and breathe new life into the universe.

Miles Morales and Old Man Logan found homes on Eart-616. Reed Richards, Sue Storm, their kids, and the Future Foundation were rebuilding the multiverse and exploring them. This was especially exciting. For the first time in years, they weren’t superheroes. They became a family of explorers.

As for the former God-Doom, he admits that Reed was the better hero. When the world returns, Doom’s face is no longer scarred. All he could do was laugh. After everything he’s done, he was rewarded and given a new lease on life.

4. Y: The Last Man

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

"He escaped"

Yorick Brown (clone)

Yorick Brown spent years with someone he loved and loved him back, but neither of them could admit it. They were on a mission that left no time for their true feelings. When they finally came to terms with it and had a real talk, she was killed. This is how the Y: The Last Man begins its ending. On an incredibly sad note. However, Yorick and Ampersand's DNA did help save the world. Unfortunately, Yorick was never the same. He loved his wife and their daughter, but he never got over 355’s death.