10 comic book series that ended perfectly

Whether these ten comic books ended their series with happiness or tragedy, the one thing for certain is that they finished perfectly.

Invincible season 2
Invincible season 2 /
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3. Sex Criminals

Writer: Matt Fraction

"Not everyone is like us"


This is another bittersweet ending. Suzie and Jon went through a lot together. They were a couple whose relationship started with and ran on sex. As time continued, Jon and Suzie wanted different things out of life. Suzie’s biggest concern was Jon wasn’t evolving. Eventually, she had to break up with him.

Normally stories like this end with the couple getting married. There was a marriage, but it wasn't Suzie and Jon. Not only did that not happen, they weren't speaking to each other anymore. Although, on the last page, they got one more happy moment. They held hand and watched the sunrise together.

Their relationship will never be the same, but at least they’ll have one more unforgettable memory.

2. Deadly Class

Writer: Rick Remender

"People deserve a happy ending"

Marcus Lopez Arguello

The Deadly Class finale was unexpected. After everything Marcus, Maria, and the rest of their crew went through you’d expect their end to be a sad one. Especially with Marcus’ negative outlook on life. Instead, writer Rick Remender gave them a happy ending.

Marcus and Maria set it up for Brandy to kill Shabnam. Just when she thought she was clear, the Feds come in and arrest her. Now, for the first time in years, Maria, Marcus, and their children were safe. Marcus added, “People deserve a happy ending.” If you were a fan of Deadly Class, you know how true this is.

Invincible Season 2
Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video /

1. Invincible

Writer: Robert Kirkman

"This could have been so much easier if you'd just talked to me."

Mark Grayson

Rarely does a comic book conclude with the main characters getting what they want. There's always something that makes their life sad. Not for Invincible. After decades of fighting and unfortunate events, Mark gets what he deserves and also what he wants.

Mark becomes the greatest hero in the universe and not just by fighting. He encourages peace and helps change the living conditions of other planets. It goes so well that the Coalition of Planets is no longer needed. His daughter (Terra) is as strong as he is. And while she can fight, she prefers not to. Terra prefers to spend her time creating and maintaining life-changing technology. Lastly, when Eve died of old age, her powers brought her back. That meant she’d always be with him.

On the last page, Invincible is thinking about what father (Omni-Man) asked him. Nolan wanted to know what Mark would have in 500 years. Back then, it was uncertain. Now, that answer was clear. He has everything he hoped for. A wife who loves him, a daughter who’s helping the universe, and a son who’s trying to figure it out. He couldn't help but smile at how his life ended up.

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