10 Marvel villains who deserve their own MCU movie

We love to hate them, but we'd love to see them. Let's talk about 10 Marvel villains who need an origin movie.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy..Thanos (voiced by Josh Brolin)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel 2014
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy..Thanos (voiced by Josh Brolin)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel 2014 /
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8. The Enchantress (Amora)

Let's dive into a world where magic reigns supreme, and at the center of it all is Amora - better known as The Enchantress: she's strutting down the golden streets of Asgard, flipping her hair with the confidence of a high school queen bee, but with the power to back it up. She's not just any sorceress; she's the one who can make Thor go weak in the knees and Loki look like he's running a lemonade stand.

An Enchantress movie would be like taking a wild ride through Asgard's most enchanted realms, where every spell cast is a plot twist waiting to happen. Her quest for power isn't just about sitting on a throne - it's about proving that she can out-magic, out-manipulate, and out-charm any god or mortal. And let's not forget the love angles – will she find someone who can handle her level of fabulousness? The drama, the magic, the hair flips – it's all waiting to happen.

But it's not all glitter and love spells. The Enchantress has a darker side, one that goes deep into the parts of Asgardian lore that even Odin might think twice about. Imagine her navigating the murky waters of ancient magic, where the wrong spell could mean disaster not just for her, but for all of Asgard. It's here, in these shadowy depths, that her true character would shine through.

Would she use her powers for domination or discover a greater purpose? A movie centered around her would be a dazzling mix of high school drama meets epic fantasy, all wrapped up in a shiny, magical package. With every flick of her wand, she'd not only enchant her foes but the audience as well, leaving us all wondering: what spell will The Enchantress cast next?