10 most disliked Smallville characters, ranked

We met many characters throughout Smallville's decade-long run, but who were the ones that the fans just didn't like (or loved to hate)?
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4. Davis Bloome

What a disappointment this was.

Sam Witwer was absolutely captivating as Davis Bloome throughout Smallville season 8, making viewers fall for the character who was caught up in something horrible that he couldn't get out of. See, Davis was the human vessel for Doomsday, and even though he was a kind-hearted paramedic who wanted to help people, he was forced to watch as the demon within killed people around him.

But it was all for nothing when, in the season 8 finale, Davis was revealed to be a cold-blooded killer even after he was separated from Doomsday. Fans were horrified when the man who cared for so many people around him mortally wounded Jimmy Olsen simply because Chloe Sullivan chose him. And then, just as quickly, Jimmy managed to kill him to save Chloe, who could only watch as the two of them died before her.

Within seconds Davis evolved from one of season 8's most promising characters to its most-hated. It all felt like such a waste just to ensure that he wouldn't be back in the next season. Not only did it leave fans feeling short-changed, it completely undermined the story the show was telling. Couldn't Davis have just left town with a new lease on life?