10 most disliked storylines in the Stargate franchise

As with every major franchise, Stargate does have its own little hiccups and moments that made us all raise an eyebrow more than a few times. Let's take a look at ten of these moments, shall we?

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STARGATE SG 1 season 1 (1997) BLURAY Trailer#1 - Richard Dean Anderson HD / MacPhoenix82
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4. The young/old divide (Stargate Universe)

Everyone is aboard the Destiny, hurtling through space in Stargate Universe, and instead of banding together to face the unknown, they all start bickering like they're in a cosmic version of high school.

Universe decided to spice things up with a dash of drama, creating a rift between the young hotshots and the seasoned veterans. It was like watching a space opera where half the crew didn't want to pass the remote control to the other half. This young vs. old showdown could've been a juicy plot, but it ended up feeling more like a forced family dinner where no one agrees on what pizza toppings to get. We yearned for the good ol' days of SG-1 and Atlantis, where the team felt like a well-oiled machine, tackling the universe's mysteries together, not squabbling over who left the spaceship keys in the ignition.

5. Cloning O'Neill (Stargate SG-1)

And then there's that time Stargate SG-1 decided it was a good idea to steal Colonel Jack O'Neill's ass and clone him, turning him into a teenager in "Fragile Balance."

One day, you're a seasoned, wise-cracking military officer with a penchant for fishing and a love-hate relationship with paperwork. The next, you're dealing with acne, high school, and a voice that cracks at the worst possible moments. Yeah, not quite that exciting, frankly. The episode aimed to mix things up, exploring themes of identity and the trials of youth, but instead of feeling like a fresh adventure, it came off to some as a sci-fi version of Freaky Friday without the body swap.

Though it was a fun idea, it felt a bit like a detour from the galaxy-saving exploits we tuned in for. Instead of duking it out with System Lords or unraveling ancient alien mysteries, we got teenage angst and schoolyard scuffles. Why, in a universe brimming with possibilities, did we need to see a beloved character get a do-over on puberty? The subplot, while bold, seemed to some viewers like a missed opportunity to explore more of the vast, star-spanning narratives that Stargate SG-1 was celebrated for.

6. The Replicators (Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis)

Imagine if your LEGO set came to life, decided it didn't like you very much, and then started to multiply like crazy - yep, those are the Replicators in a nutshell.

Initially, these self-replicating robots were pretty cool villains, crawling around like metallic spiders and turning spaceships into their own personal playgrounds. But after a while, it felt like we were watching the same episode on repeat. Every time SG-1 or the Atlantis crew thought they'd squashed the last bug, surprise! Another swarm of Replicators would pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, ready to crash the party again. Ugh.

The thing is, Stargate fans love the series for its amazing characters and the deep, often personal journeys they undertake. We're here for the bromance between Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, the genius of Samantha Carter, Dr. Jackson's overall beauty and brains, and Rodney McKay's sarcastic wit. When the story kept looping back to the Replicators, it was like being stuck in a conversation that just wouldn't move on. Some fans started to view the Replicators not as a thrilling challenge, but as that annoying relative who just won't take a hint and leave the party.