10 most disliked storylines in the Stargate franchise

As with every major franchise, Stargate does have its own little hiccups and moments that made us all raise an eyebrow more than a few times. Let's take a look at ten of these moments, shall we?

STARGATE SG 1 season 1 (1997)  BLURAY Trailer#1  - Richard Dean Anderson HD
STARGATE SG 1 season 1 (1997) BLURAY Trailer#1 - Richard Dean Anderson HD / MacPhoenix82
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7. Atlantis's return to Earth (Stargate Atlantis)

You've been following the epic adventures of the Atlantis team as they zip across galaxies, make new friends (and enemies), and uncover secrets of the ancient, super-advanced Atlantis city. There's action, there's drama, and there's a whole lot of space exploration. It's like being on the most exhilarating roller coaster ride through the cosmos. But then, just as you're gearing up for another loop-the-loop, the ride comes to a screeching halt.

That's kind of what happened with Stargate Atlantis.

After seasons of high-stakes adventures and deep dives into the unknown, the city of Atlantis, this incredible piece of alien technology brimming with mysteries, just... lands on Earth. Boom. The end.

This was much like being promised an all-you-can-eat buffet and then being handed a snack pack as you walked in. We had invested in the thrill of exploring the Pegasus Galaxy, of seeing the Atlantis team outwit the Wraith, and of discovering ancient technologies. There were so many questions left unanswered, so many potential stories untold. The abrupt landing on Earth felt like a premature curtain call, leaving fans staring at the stage long after the lights had gone out, wondering what could have been.

8. Michael's experiments (Stargate Atlantis)

Michael's experiments from Stargate Atlantis turned into one of those "Oh no, not this again" moments for fans.

Michael, a Wraith (think space vampire with a bad hair day), gets a magical makeover to become human, only to be double-crossed and turned back into a Wraith. Talk about an identity crisis. But here's where things get sticky - Michael starts playing mad scientist, mixing human and Wraith DNA like he's baking a sinister batch of cosmic cookies. His goal? To create a hybrid army. Creepy.

While the idea was to showcase the gray areas in decision-making (like, is it okay to mess with someone's DNA for the greater good?), the storyline felt like it was dragging its feet through a swamp of moral ambiguity. The whole arc was a wild ride that seemed to loop endlessly, making viewers dizzy with its twists and turns. Instead of adding depth, it sometimes felt like a detour from the adventurous spirit of the show, leaving fans craving more light-hearted explorations and less Frankenstein's monster vibes.