10 most disliked storylines in the Stargate franchise

As with every major franchise, Stargate does have its own little hiccups and moments that made us all raise an eyebrow more than a few times. Let's take a look at ten of these moments, shall we?

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9. The focus on Earth politics (Stargate SG-1)

Remember tuning into the next episode of SG-1, ready to blast off to distant planets with SG-1, expecting ancient ruins, alien battles, or maybe a mind-bending sci-fi mystery but getting a boardroom instead? More like boredroom.

Yep, sometimes Stargate SG-1 swapped its spacesuits for suits and ties, diving into the murky waters of Earth politics. Now, don't get me wrong, a little political intrigue can spice things up, but fans tuned in to escape to the stars, not to get a front-row seat to interdepartmental squabbles and budget meetings. These episodes often felt like being stuck in traffic when you're already late to the fun part of your day. It's like ordering an adventure with a side of galaxy-wide stakes, only to get served a plate of bureaucratic Brussels sprouts. Yum?

The thing is, the heart of Stargate SG-1 beats strongest when it's out exploring new worlds, tangling with alien bad guys, and unraveling ancient mysteries. That's the bread and butter of the show. When the story veered into the politics of funding the Stargate program or navigating international tensions on Earth, it was like someone hit the pause button on the excitement. Sure, these plots added a dash of realism, showing the complexities of running a secret space program, but let's be real – when you're promised a rollercoaster ride through space, who wants to spend time learning how the rollercoaster was funded? Not me.

10. The use of time travel (various)

It's a bit surprising when you're deep into an epic Stargate marathon, snacks at the ready, when suddenly, the story hits the big red "time travel" button. Not just once, either. It's like the ultimate "get out of jail free" card.

At first, zipping through time faster than you can say "flux capacitor" seems really cool and, let's not lie, convenient. You've got mind-bending plots, alternate realities, and a chance to see what our heroes would do with a convenient do-over. But here's the thing - when you pull the time travel lever every time the going gets tough, it's like saying, "Oops! We've got ourselves into a corner, but no worries, we've got a time machine!"

Now, don't get me wrong. Time travel can cook up some truly delicious storylines, like that one time SG-1 found themselves in ancient Egypt or when they had to stop a future disaster. But when it keeps happening, you start to wonder, "Are there no new ideas under these twin suns?" It feels a bit like cheating on a test using a future version of yourself. And the kicker? All these time-traveling shenanigans often end with everything neatly reset, leaving us wondering if anything that happened really matters.

The Stargate franchise's broad narrative scope means it explores a wide range of themes and storylines, ensuring there's something for almost everyone, even if not every storyline resonates with every viewer. These ten specific snags are usually the ones brought to mind whenever a fan is asked about their least favorite arc or subplot in the series.

No franchise is perfect, with Stargate not being an exception, but one cannot deny the influence and following the franchise has been able to acquire since it first blessed our screens.

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