10 most romantic superhero movies, ranked

Love is in the air and even superheroes deserve a happy ending. But which superhero movies are the most romantic of them all, and how do they stack up to each other?

Photo: Batman Returns / Warner Bros. Studios, Image Courtesy Fathom Events Press (Batman 80th Anniversary)
Photo: Batman Returns / Warner Bros. Studios, Image Courtesy Fathom Events Press (Batman 80th Anniversary) /
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On the set of Batman Returns
On the set of Batman Returns / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

8. Batman Returns

While Batman Forever might have been more obvious about the impact of romance on its central story, Batman Returns gets points for its more subtle approach. The movie tackles what is probably the most famous comic book romance of all time in Batman and Catwoman, and yet it doesn't lose sight of the twisted world in which it is set - and how that romance is perfectly suited to it.

The pair's relationship is pretty twisted in and of itself, because Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are both scarred individuals, two sides of the same coin who are seeking something that only the other one possesses. They aren't a perfect fit, with Selina's drive for revenge and alliance with The Penguin putting her in direct conflict with Bruce's desire to protect Gotham City from harm, but that's the allure of the Batman/Catwoman relationship; they're perfect for each other and toxic to each other all at the same time.

Batman Returns explores that dichotomy so well. Their romance is passionate, their sparks full of electricity, but when these two parallels meet in the middle, all hell breaks loose. The fact that Selina finds herself drawn to Bruce while also secretly planning for Batman's downfall is just exquisite, as it eventually presents her and Bruce with choices about what - or who - they really want.

The 1992 film never receives enough credit for the complexity of its writing and that flows through all of the narratives in the movie, reaching its greatest heights with the Bruce and Selina romance.