11 unanswered Once Upon a Time questions we wish the show addressed

From the origins of the storybook to who in the world Lily's father is, these are the lingering mysteries we're still thinking about.

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Who is Lily's father?

One question many of us are still asking today is who in the world is Lily's father? Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz promised we would get that answer, but never followed through. In fact the Maleficent and Lily storyline just gets pushed aside after the two reunite. But the people want to know! Who is her dad? Fans have come up with multiple theories, but there's no clear answer.

What is Maleficent's backstory?

Speaking of, we never really get Maleficent's backstory, in particular when it comes to Aurora's family. It's briefly mentioned that the villain has history with Briar Rose, Aurora's mother, and King Stefan. Maleficent placed a sleeping curse on Briar Rose, but years later Stefan wakes her up and this causes Maleficent to fall into a depression for failing.

But why were they her enemies to begin with? Why did she place a sleeping curse on them? That doesn't ever get explored. Instead we have the storyline with Lily, which honestly wasn't my favorite and the whole Queens of Darkness thing. That wasn't utilized well at all. It would have been much more interesting to learn about the history of the rulers and the dragon, and perhaps get Aurora and Philip back.