11 unanswered Once Upon a Time questions we wish the show addressed

From the origins of the storybook to who in the world Lily's father is, these are the lingering mysteries we're still thinking about.

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Why didn't anyone choose to go back to the Enchanted Forest?

I think one of the lessons for the characters was that Storybrooke became everyone's home instead of the Enchanted Forest. Though this kind of doesn't make sense to me. Going back was only brought up in season 2, but this was when Emma was still on shaky ground with her parents and wouldn't have thought to ever go live in the Enchanted Forest at that point. But later on in the series, it's interesting this plot point was never brought up again. I guess it doesn't matter now that it's the United Realms, but don't get me started on my dislike for this.

Why did likable side characters have unresolved stories?

Once Upon a Time introduced many great characters and that's hard to balance with so little time. That's one complaint I have about the series, but that's a different story. However, it would be easy to wrap up the stories of the following characters or give us an explanation of what happened to them. Some of them are kind of left to our assumption like the Mad Hatter reuniting with his daughter. Plus, Sebastian Stan went on to become a huge star so I'm sure scheduling conflicts didn't allow for him to reappear. But we got an understanding of where his story was headed and ended up.

However others were just left completely unexplained. The first is Anton, aka Tiny. We last see him in season 2 episode 19, "Lacey." After their work in the bean field and making a connection with the dwarves, Anton is invited to Granny's Diner to have dinner with them and David and Mary Margaret. And that's the last we see of the giant. What happened to him and why doesn't he appear again?

Next is Tinkerbell. Rose McIver was such a treat to have on the show. It looks like around OUAT season 3 when we last see her in episode16, "It's Not Easy Being Green," that's when the actress started her hit show iZombie. Of course that made us so happy for her, but I definitely missed seeing Tink. She last appears in the Zelena vs. Regina showdown scene at the clock tower. And then she just disappears with no explanation which is disappointing.

In season 5 we head to Camelot, which means we get to see Lancelot again and meet Guinevere. But this story was also unresolved. The last we see of the knight, he heads to find his mother, the Lady of the Lake, to help the heroes. Then after that when all is said and done in Storybrooke and Arthur dies, Guinevere and the rest of the Camelot citizens head back home through a portal. And that's the last of it. Do Lancelot and Guinevere reunite and live out their love story? No one knows.

Finally is Mulan. I'm still salty that after all the pain she's been through, the warrior doesn't get a happy ending or any resolution really at all. We last leave off with her helping Ruby get to Dorothy and watching happily as the couple reunites after True Love's Kiss. But Mulan doesn't get her own happy ending, and we don't know what her character really ends up. Justice for Mulan is all I'll say.