11 unanswered Once Upon a Time questions we wish the show addressed

From the origins of the storybook to who in the world Lily's father is, these are the lingering mysteries we're still thinking about.

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Why couldn't Grumpy and Nova have their happy ending?

On that note, one cute couple that deserved a happy ending is definitely Grumpy and Nova. They're talked about all the way back in Once Upon a Time season 1, but I'm still thinking about them. After the curse broke, yes Nova still had her fairy duties. But I think after everything all the Enchanted Forest residents had been through, an exception could have been made for these two. There's no real reason why Grumpy and Nova couldn't be together after the curse was broken and it's a shame they weren't.

Why were Geppetto's parents cursed to live as puppets forever?

One of the more tragic characters, even though we only met them in one episode, are Geppetto's parents. Jiminy grows up with thieving and trickster parents and is tired of their actions. He goes to Rumple and asks for a way to get rid of them, getting a potion. But his parents find out and switch the potion, using it on Gepetto's parents, Stephen and Donna, instead.

Jiminy is so guilty and in turn becomes a cricket to befriend Geppetto as he grows up and be his conscience. What's sad is that throughout the run of OUAT, we see the puppets in Mr. Gold's shop multiple times. You'd think Gepetto and Archie would try to find a way to free them or ask Gold to do so. But, nope. They're just cursed to be there forever as puppets and that's just so sad.

How did anything in the Wish Realm and season 7 really make sense?

I'm not going to go into a long rant on this one because then I'd go on and on. I think a majority of us Oncers would agree that season 7 was unnecessary and did not make sense. Especially the Wish Realm. The writers tried to explain it and make it make sense. But, I'm just not sold on it at all, and I can't understand why the team felt like this was a good idea to move forward with. The ending in my head is season 6, and we'll leave it at that.

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