13 characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, rated

Let's rate 13 of my favorite Jujutsu Kaisen characters in, well, just how awesome they are.

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9. Kento Nanami: 8/10

A moment of silence for the anime daddy, the babysitter we all want but don't deserve, the man who took "business casual" to a whole new dimension where "casual" means slicing through curses after a 9-to-5 shift.

Nanami isn't just a sorcerer - he's an overworked office hero in a sharp suit, battling not just the demonic but also the deadly monotony of adult life. His approach to jujutsu is like his approach to paperwork: meticulous, efficient, and with a sigh that says, "I'm too old for this sh*t." Nanami's deadpan humor and practical magic make him the unsung MVP, the kind who would use his last breath to file a complaint about workplace safety standards in the sorcerer world. His rating stands firm at an 8/10 because, in a world where everyone's trying to out-crazy each other, Nanami's the guy who calmly walks in, does the job, and clocks out - only, in his case, "clocking out" might mean sending a curse back to the abyss with the same nonchalance as turning in an expense report.

But here's where the drama turns as tragicomic as a Shakespearean play directed by Monty Python. Nanami, in his final act of corporate defiance, went out not with a whimper but a bang - or, more accurately, a heroic stand that would have productivity gurus weeping into their bullet journals. He showed us that even in the face of certain doom, you could still be profoundly annoyed about it. His demise was not just a loss to the jujutsu world but also to all of us who have ever fantasized about telling our boss, "Sorry, I can't come in today; I'm busy fighting a literal manifestation of corporate greed." In the end, Nanami's dramatic exit was less about the battle and more about leaving a legacy of dry wit, a disdain for overtime, and the eternal quest for a work-life balance that doesn't involve battling curses. So, here's to Nanami: may we all aspire to be as unbothered in the face of adversity and as stylishly pragmatic in our daily grind.