13 characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, rated

Let's rate 13 of my favorite Jujutsu Kaisen characters in, well, just how awesome they are.
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11. Aoi Todo: 9/10

Aoi Todo, the Besto Friendo, the muscle-bound philosopher king of Jujutsu Kaisen, earns a whopping 9/10 not just for his brute strength but for his ability to turn any situation into an existential crisis with just one question: "What's your type?" It's not just a question - it's a journey into your soul. His criteria for forming bonds isn't based on trivial matters like mutual interests or shared experiences, no: Todo evaluates the depth of your being based on your taste in partners. This man can bifurcate reality with a clap, yet it's his interrogation of your romantic preferences that truly shakes the foundation of your world. He's like that one friend who's too intense about everything, but instead of dragging you to a CrossFit class, he's dragging you into a battle that could reshape the fabric of reality - all while discussing the merits of Jennifer Lawrence.

Then there's the matter of his bromance with Yuji Itadori, which is nothing short of legendary. Upon discovering they share the same taste in women, Todo immediately upgrades Yuji from "potential enemy" to "besto friendo," rewriting his own memories to include heartfelt (and entirely fabricated) backstories of their friendship. This is the kind of wholesomely bizarre turn that earns Todo his high rating. He's not just fighting curses, he's fighting the very concept of loneliness, one imagined school festival at a time. His presence on-screen is like watching a motivational speaker who accidentally wanders into a war zone and decides to stay because he likes the vibe. Todo's combination of sheer power, unexpected depth, and the ability to turn any fight scene into a buddy comedy secures his 9/10 rating. After all, in a world where dark energy and monstrous curses are the norms, a little absurdity goes a long way, and Todo is the king of absurdly deep connections.