13 characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, rated

Let's rate 13 of my favorite Jujutsu Kaisen characters in, well, just how awesome they are.

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12. Utahime Iori: 7/10

Utahime Iori, our enchanting songstress of the Jujutsu world, cruises in at a solid 7/10, and here's the lyrical lowdown on why. She's a sorcerer whose voice is so melodiously potent that it can probably make a cursed spirit reconsider its life choices and pursue a career in, say, cursed opera. Utahime is a mix of elegance and sonic power that makes both the living and the dead sit up and listen, probably even sway a little. However, despite her undeniable talent that could likely win her Jujutsu Idol if it existed, we find ourselves in a bit of a concert dilemma - the audience is left clamoring for an encore. She's like the opening act that's so good that you momentarily forget who you came to see, but then she's offstage too soon, leaving us all wondering about the full extent of her setlist.

Utahime scores her 7/10 not because she lacks the charisma or the chops to take on the cursed world's Top 40. It's more like she's the secret weapon that's kept in the velvet case too often. Every time she graces the screen, it's a performance worth pausing your popcorn munching for. With a voice that could soothe savage beasts or shatter glass (depending on the tune), she brings a finesse to the fray that's as refreshing as a high note in a heavy metal concert. Yet, the spotlight seems to shy away, giving us mere glimpses of her potential hits. In a show where every character is fighting to top the charts with their unique abilities, Utahime's got the vocal range to out-sing them all - if only she'd be given the main stage and not just the occasional cameo.