13 characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, rated

Let's rate 13 of my favorite Jujutsu Kaisen characters in, well, just how awesome they are.
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2. Yuji Itadori: 9/10

Yuji Itadori, coming in hot with a solid 9/10, is essentially the human embodiment of "I woke up like this" but with demon-slaying capabilities and abs that could probably grate cheese. This guy doesn't just break curses - he breaks the scale of normal human achievement, casually munching on Sukuna's fingers like they're his grandma's homemade cookies. It's hard not to admire him and his ways, even if it's accompanied by the horrifying realization that he's essentially snacking on demonic digits. But let's face it, his dietary choices are not the only reason he's rated so highly. Yuji's infectious enthusiasm and heart of gold shine brighter than his potential indigestion issues. He's the friend who'd cheer you on at your dreariest and fight off a cursed spirit for you, probably all before breakfast.

About that one-point deduction - let's talk about the elephant in the room, or rather, the abs. Yuji's physique, a clear byproduct of his intense training and his cursed finger diet, sets a bar so high it's in low Earth orbit. Every time Sukuna rips off his shirt (which is somewhat often enough to make you wonder if that curse is allergic to clothing), it's a stark reminder that our gym memberships are gathering dust. It's not just his strength that's intimidating - it's his ability to remain endearingly humble and kind amidst all the chaos, making us question our life choices and our workout routines. So, Yuji, here's to you for being almost too perfect and making us all feel a tad inadequate in the most heroic way possible.