13 most disliked Demon Slayer characters, ranked

Demon Slayer is an emotional rollercoaster ride that keeps us hooked by throwing a variety of characters at us. Let's look at 13 characters that we just don't particularly like.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc | Photo Courtesy: Funimation
Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc | Photo Courtesy: Funimation /
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7. Nakime (Upper Moon Four)

Nakime is the mysterious Upper Moon Four demon and finds herself sitting comfortably at number 7 on our list of not-so-beloved characters. Nakime is like that background music in horror movies that you know spells doom, but you can't quite put your finger on why it creeps you out so much. She really does creep me out.

Her role is undeniably crucial - manipulating the infinite fortress, making it a never-ending maze of despair for our heroes. Yet, she doesn't get in your face with flashy moves or a tragic backstory that makes you secretly root for her. No, she's more like the puppet master working the strings from the shadows, ensuring our protagonists sweat a little more, making her dislike more about the annoyance of her obstacles than her personality or tragic life story.

In the grand buffet of villains, she's like the side dish that you know you have to eat but don't really have strong feelings about. Her actions are essential - without her, the demon slayers would have a much easier time finding and eliminating Muzan and his army of demons, but she lacks that personal touch of malevolence that gets under your skin. She doesn't come down to the battlefield to taunt our heroes with sadistic glee or cause any sort of emotional damage to us with a backstory that makes us question our moral compass. Instead, Nakime keeps to her ethereal, eerie castle in the sky (or rather, a dimension-bending fortress), making her presence known but not deeply felt on a personal level.

This makes her sort of like the person who brings unsalted popcorn to the movie night - necessary for the experience, but not something you're going to have strong feelings about either way.

She's really creepy, though.