13 Outlander couples ranked from worst to best

Of course Claire and Jamie are the heart of Outlander, but the series does have other romances worth swooning over. And some that aren't.

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Louise and Prince Charles

Another couple that ranks low on our list is Louise and Bonnie Prince Charlie. For starters, Louise was married and cheating on her husband with Charles. The prince was jealous of her husband. But excuse you. Why? He's her husband, your royal highness! Louise ends up pregnant with Charles' baby, but she lies and says it's her husband's. Ultimately she stays with him rather than the prince. This relationship was full of cheating and secrets and wrong from the very start.

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Claire and Frank

I think what's heartbreaking about Claire and Frank is that at the beginning, they were actually a really good couple. We also can't forget how hard Frank looked for Claire and didn't believe she'd run off and left him to be with someone else despite what the authorities were telling him. He didn't give up on her quickly. And she did the same, desperately trying to get back to him and even felt guilty on her wedding night with Jamie.

With that being said, once Jamie came in the picture fully there was no going back for Claire. He would always be in her heart and she just couldn't move on even though she thought our favorite Highlander was dead. She carried him with her for 20 years. What made it more difficult for her I think was not being able to talk about him, and trying not to think about Jamie as much as she could because Frank asked her not to. She couldn't process and grieve her loss because she didn't have an outlet.

Though Frank was put in a tough spot, he was selfish in this request. Especially because he kept looking into Jamie and actually finds out that Claire ends up going back to him before his death. This couple just becomes absolutely resentful of each other as the many years pass, and they are spiteful towards one another. It turns into a very unhealthy and unhappy marriage. They really should have called it quits earlier.

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Frank and Sandy

Frank ends up starting a years-long relationship with Sandy, and the two get very close. Close enough where Frank has given up on pretending to be with Claire and decides to move to England with her. Sandy and Frank also get engaged. We don't really see them onscreen together, but there must have been a good relationship there since they were together for so long. Even though we could argue Frank and Claire stayed together for 20 years and it wasn't great. Yes, he was technically married to Claire but I don't really see it as cheating. They both acknowledged their relationship wasn't going to work but they stayed together for Brianna. And Claire knew.

I will say where it really got ugly is when Sandy showed up at the house after Frank told her to meet him there, thinking everyone would be gone by then. He never should have done that. But again, this was the breaking point between Claire and Franks' relationship if you can even still call it that at this point. So while Frank and Sandy aren't necessarily bad, after Frank's death Sandy admits to Claire that she knew Frank still loved Claire and would have taken her back. But I guess she decided to stay with him despite knowing that. Though that's not the best kind of relationship to be in.