13 Outlander couples ranked from worst to best

Of course Claire and Jamie are the heart of Outlander, but the series does have other romances worth swooning over. And some that aren't.

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Mary and Alex

Mary and Alex were actually a sweet couple, not knowing the tensions between the people around them. In particular Claire and Jamie, and Alex's brother Black Jack Randall. They were cute and it's a shame that Alex died of disease and they couldn't be together because of that. Frank's direct ancestors really cared about each other. Even after Mary was attacked by the men who assaulted her, Alex stood by her. At that time, and unfortunately even today, that doesn't always happen. But he took care of Mary and stayed by her side. My heart still aches for these two.

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Lizzie and the Beardsleys

This one here is actually a throuple: Lizzie, Josiah, and Keziah. It was kind of funny when this relationship was first revealed, and I love the reactions of Jamie and Claire. They really portrayed the shock us viewers felt as well. I think Outlander fans are still trying to process Lizzie and the Beardsleys a bit. At least I am. Though what's obvious is that they're happy and in a healthy relationship. The three stand by each other, and the twins certainly love Lizzie very much and she does too. They've created a family together and are definitely committed.

Outlander Season 7 2023
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Young Ian and Rachel

We don't know much about Young Ian and Rachel's relationship or whether it's really going anywhere at this point. It's kind of just gotten started in Outlander season 7 part 1, and I'm guessing it's going to be a bit on the back burner now that he left for Scotland with Jamie and Claire. Though from the start, the instant connection between the two is obvious. I can't get over them making eyes at each other. They slowly kept getting closer before that very passionate make out session! I think they're adorable and definitely ship this relationship! Hopefully they're endgame.