13 Outlander couples ranked from worst to best

Of course Claire and Jamie are the heart of Outlander, but the series does have other romances worth swooning over. And some that aren't.

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Outlander Season 3 2017
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Marsali and Fergus

Another couple that's stood by each other is Marsali and Fergus! Though they were young, they knew they were in love and meant for each other. And so even if Jamie wasn't happy about their relationship, they stuck together and proved that what they had wasn't just fleeting young love. It was true. They've supported each other, and clearly can't keep their hands off one another with the amount of kids they have. When Fergus went through his downward spiral in season 6, unfortunately he was not treating Marsali well at all. But she stayed strong and eventually gave him a wake up call, kicking him out which he deserved. However, they come back together and work through the issue. Marsali helped him grow up into a more mature person and family man, while he has never backed away from her strong spirited nature.

Outlander Season 7
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Claire and Jamie

Speaking of strong women, there's the best one of them all. And that's Claire! Where do I even start with this couple? I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that we've ranked them No.1. But they really do deserve to be in this spot! They have an absolute devotion and love for each other that even death won't separate them. Claire and Jamie have saved each other countless times, and even in their 20 years apart couldn't forgot about the other. This couple is the epitome of love and sacrifice. I think they've been through literally any hardship a person can go through: assault, loss of children, a 20-year separation, kidnapping, the loss of their home, false claims of cheating, and so much more.

They have literally been through it all, but only come out stronger each time. And even if something like Malva claiming her baby is Jamie's does come up, Claire and her Highlander are so devoted and sure of their love for each other that there's no room for doubt. Claire and Jamie constantly support each other and work together as a team. The commitment between these two knows no bounds, and their love story is of course the heart of Outlander!

All seven seasons of Outlander are currently streaming on Starz. Season 7 part 2 will premiere sometime in 2024.

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