24 Once Upon a Time villains ranked worst to best

From the Black Fairy and the Snow Queen to Rumple and the Evil Queen, here's what we think about the show's baddies.

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Evil Queen 2.0

In season 6, we had the unnecessary storyline of Regina splitting herself from the Evil Queen side of her, which means we got Evil Queen 2.0 running around Storybrooke. While Regina as the Evil Queen in season 1 and flashbacks is deliciously fun (most of the time), I don't know. This version honestly wasn't as enjoyable. Perhaps because we've seen how far Regina has come and grown? I think the writers had a good idea to start with in finding a way to bring back the Evil Queen, but I don't really think it worked.


I'm sorry, but a really boring villain to me was Hades. For the ruler of the Underworld, I expected some more pazzaz. And don't get me started on the bad CGI of his hair. But that's a different story. His threats felt meaningless (until he unfortunately killed Robin. I'm still crying), and the character just felt toned down for whatever reason. It's like the actor was just saying the lines and there was no real fun to it. I don't know if it was the writing, acting, or both. But I'm not a fan of Hades.

Queens of Darkness

A trio that had real potential were the Queens of Darkness. In this post, I go into some of the unanswered questions we're still left with, including Maleficent's backstory with Briar Rose and King Stefan. She was intriguing in season 1, though we'd only seen her in one episode at that point. But in season 4. Nope. Just super boring and the storyline with Lily was average. Then with Ursula, it was the same. Of course we don't want a copy of the Disney versions, but she was one of the more lively villains. We didn't get that on Once Upon a Time. I think they started off a little too nice if that's the right word? Plus Ursula's backstory was just Ariel's which didn't feel original because we already had Ariel introduced in season 3. As for Cruella de Vil, I think she was the most interesting of the three. She was just a human, who has powers of persuasion, who likes to kill. And that's just who she is, lol.


Again, not to complain but it's like the Once Upon a Time writers took all the fun Disney villains - Hades, Ursula, and Jafar, and toned them down so much. You don't necessarily need to be all flashy to be a good villain. But OUAT's version of Jafar in season 6 just wasn't it for me. But overall, not a terrible villain.