35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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Elsa's ice cave

Season 4 episode 2: If I'm quite honest, this whole episode was filled with Captain Swan goodness, even if they did spend most of it apart with Emma trapped in Elsa's ice cave. But the whole time, Killian is so worried about her and is working with David to get his Swan out. Finally when Charming gives the Queen of Arendelle a great speech, she's able to get her and Emma out. The relief on both of their faces, the way Emma hugs Killian close, and he even carries her to the car. And then these cuties are snuggling and holding hands back at the apartment. And it wasn't all just to warm Emma up!

The Captain Swan movie

Season 3 episode 21 and 22: Ok, at this point I think you can all guess which is my favorite romantic Captain Swan moment, which we'll get into below. But this one is a very close second, which is why it's ranked No. 2 on our list! The Captain Swan movie as us fans like to call it was the greatest gift we could ever get. It all starts with Zelena's time portal opening up, and Emma being sucked through. Killian declares one day he'll stop chasing her, but that's definitely not true. He could have very easily made his life easier and not gone after her. But he did because this pirate already cares so much about the Savior.

The final two episodes of season 3 are then filled with awesome back-to-back Captain Swan moments as they're on an adventure together in the past. From Killian getting jealous of his past self when Emma flirts, and kisses him, to Emma finally getting a taste of looking and being a princess. Their outfits were so on point! She got to dance with her prince - or pirate rather - too. There's just so much more you guys. When Emma gets taken by the Evil Queen's guards, the only one who saves her is her. But Killian was definitely trying. And he told past David that he's "go to the end of the world for her. Or time." And he's certainly proved it!

Then there's comforting Emma after she watches the Evil Queen seemingly murder Snow, and getting Emma to reveal her true feelings about her parents and Storybrooke being her home. And we get to what's probably the best moment of all - they finally kiss again! But first, that comes after the reveal that Killian gave up the Jolly Roger to get a magic bean to get to Emma in New York. And that's a very big deal. It's his most prized possession and it was his home for centuries.

Emma: "You gave up your ship for me?"

Killian: "Aye."

The two start making out and Emma is touched he'd do something like that for her. And that long kiss is what we deserved to see after all the yearning and waiting since their kiss in Neverland! Wohoo!

A Happy Beginning

Season 6 episode 20: Literally everything in the wedding was absolutely perfect. Everything. The rings, the vows, their duet and dancing before everyone else joins in on "A Happy Beginning." Perfection, perfection, perfection. I think Archie's gushy face was all of us watching. I don't know how many times I've rewatched that scene. Even the beginning lyrics to "A Happy Beginning" fit Captain Swan so perfectly. After all the pain and hurt in their pasts, these two never thought they'd find love and get a happy ending. But together, they have!

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