35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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Emma does want a future with Killian

Season 5 episode 8: There's many moments during their relationship where Emma is rightfully scared. She's had a tough childhood, upbringing, and dating history. When Henry tells her that he and Killian were looking for homes in Storybrooke to move in together, Emma gets nervous and Killian thinks this is because she doesn't see a future with him. It's the complete opposite though! She does want that, which is why she's scared. But Killian takes it in stride and tells her to trust him. She lets go, and that also helps to ignite the Promethean Flame. Let's not think about what comes next though...

The first date

Season 4 episode 4: Captain Swan have so many great romantic moments, and some of their best moments have a bittersweet undertone. It doesn't mean they're not as good. But, there's something else going on other than it just being positive. The most obvious example is the Captain Swan first date, which we were all so excited for!

It starts off wonderfully, with Killian surprising Emma with a new outfit and his hand instead of the hook. They get their cute little flirting on in front of her parents, Emma looks beautiful and stunning in her pink dress, and Killian is as always devilishly handsome. He also gets her a rose like the gentleman he is, and takes Emma to a very nice restaurant that's not Granny's.

Things take a turn when Will pops up at the restaurant and Killian's temper seems to get out of control, leading him to worry about his hand and what Rumpelstiltskin told him. He does enjoy the rest of the night with Emma, but it's overshadowed by that and so he couldn't enjoy it as much as he wanted to. But that goodnight kiss? Wow!

Introducing baby Hope

Season 7 episode 22: This wasn't a Captain Swan-centric scene per se, but it did show us that they're happy as ever and got the Happy Beginning they've always wanted. With baby Hope in tow and dressed in their beautiful outfits, it's a great way for us to have seen Emma and Killian for one last time! After everything these two characters have been through, individually and together, they deserved this and it was wonderful to see.