35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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Learning about Emma's beginnings

Season 4 episode 5: Emma is reflecting on her childhood and remembers Lily. It's been a tough and emotional day and this is how Killian finds her, with a box of some of her personal possessions from the past. Our favorite pirate asks her "may I have the honor?" and that's just such a wonderful Killian thing to say. When she agrees, this is a really important step.

Emma wouldn't share this with just anybody. But she trusts Killian. When they go to play the tape with her and Lily, Killian tells her he's love to know more about her beginnings. She get visibly emotional watching her younger self and her former friend. Instead of using words, Killian just hugs her close and comforts her silently. It's so sweet and what she needed in the moment.

Emma returns Killian's heart

Season 4 episode 11: "Just be gent-." After Rumpelstiltskin takes Killian's heart, he finally gets it back. And who better to return it to its rightful place than Emma? Of course she just goes for it, and the small moment that's cute and playful. She cuts him off, while he then does the same pouncing on her with a kiss. "I told you Swan. I'm a survivor." I feel like there should have been more time with this especially since this was such a big plot point, but it's nonetheless a nice moment between our favorite couple.

"I like the red leather jacket"

Season 6 episode 1: Another playful moment that definitely needed to be longer is when the heat started cranking up between Emma and Killian. We all know where things were headed if they weren't interrupted. And clearly, Killian is a fan of Emma's red leather jacket. Enough to tell her not to take it off. But clearly the couple cannot have a moment of peace. But again, it was a fun domestic moment that we got to see with two people in love and together after all the craziness they'd been through.

Protecting Emma's heart

Season 4 episode 20: Killian has never been selfish, knowing he would never be the only important person in Emma's life. She has Henry, her parents, and friends. And I love that he's the one pushing her to speak with and forgive her parents. He declares that he hopes it's his job to protect her heart, and this is part of it. I think an underrated moment is when Emma says at one point: "I like when people find their good hearts along the way," obviously talking about Killian. They're both supportive of each other, and it really portrays a healthy relationship.