35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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"I'm going to choose to see the best in you"

Season 4 episode 13: While Emma has her walls, Killian has his past that can sometimes get in the way of their relationship. And while that was the case at first, Emma learns an important lesson. She's going to see the best in her pirate. This was a big step for Emma, letting her walls down and trusting him even though she knows he's hiding something about his history with Ursula.

That's ok. Couples don't have to tell each other everything. But as Emma says, don't lie about it. Emma and Killian make mistakes throughout their relationship. But they both learn from those mistakes and grow into what I think is the healthiest ship on the fairytale series. I love how this episode caps off with their cute nighttime walk, even though Snow is ominously talking about the darkness in Emma.

Emma tackles Killian to the bed

Season 4 episode 22: When the alternate universe Killian died in season 4, we thought that was painful. We unfortunately had no idea what else was coming! But this shy Captain Hook in the other storybook was adorable. Overall, Killian wears his heart on his sleeve. But it's in this episode that Emma actually tells the alternate Regina, "I just watched the man I love die." This was the first time we get that confirmation from Emma.

Though he gets killed, thankfully Killian in Storybrooke when they get back is fine. Phew! This results in the cutest giggle ever. And it comes from Emma. We've never seen her so carefree with someone like that before. Though she doesn't tell him how she truly feels, it's still a beautiful moment. Especially with what comes next... Emma does end up saying I love you, but it's right before she's taken away by becoming the Dark One.

Killian gives Emma Liam's ring

Season 5 episode 7: Just like when Emma showed Killian important pieces of her childhood in season 4, Killian is sharing something important with her in this scene. It's his brother Liam's ring, though she doesn't know it at the time. But our favorite captain gives it to his love to protect her, believing it's protected him all these years. It's a selfless act to do, and it proves how much he loves his Swan. "Calm down Swan, I'm not proposing" was so funny. And he reminds her that the Dark One is immortal, but she isn't. And he wants Emma to come back home to him. It's so sad because they were so close to being able to do so. Ugh!

The I love you with no baggage

Season 5 episode 23: By the end of season 5, Emma and Killian had said I love you to each other a few times. But it was always during a stressful and dooming time, like with Emma being the Dark One or in the Underworld. And so finally for no reason at all other than because she feels it with all her heart, Emma tells Killian I love you and he lifts her up dramatically. And that just makes us swoon! Whether that wedding dress in the shop behind them was foreshadowing or not, us fans are going to say it is!