35 most romantic Captain Swan moments on Once Upon a Time ranked

Emma and Killian have had so many swoon-worthy moments, here are some of our favorites.

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Blessed by the gods

Season 5 episode 21: We cried and cried when Captain Swan said goodbye to each other in the Underworld as they couldn't find a way to bring Killian back with them. I loved how though Emma returned, their connection is so strong. She knew that he hadn't moved on yet, she could feel it. And Killian didn't do so because he knew she wasn't safe from Hades yet. But finally when it's time, for a heart-stopping moment I think we all really thought they were going to kill our captain off. But Zeus makes an exception! The greek god sends Killian right where he belongs: with Emma. Their reunion is the most pure thing ever, and the way Emma tackles him with kisses in relief gets me every time.

"If it can be broken, it means it still works"

Season 3 episode 14: As I mentioned, Killian definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. He's done so from the very beginning. So even a year later after everyone goes back to the Enchanted Forest except Emma and Henry, the pirate's feelings have never wavered. Emma is distant, not wanting to be back in Storybrooke and broken hearted by the fact that Walsh just turned out to be a flying monkey trying to kill her. She really was considering his proposal. In response, Killian tells her if her heart can be broken, that means it still works. I mean, who says things like this? Get you a man who speaks to you the way Killian speaks to Emma. And yes, you're right Killian.

Let's make room for some black leather

Season 6 episode 3: Killian playing with Ella's daughter Alexandra was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen, and Emma definitely felt the same way. Even though he didn't think so, who knew Captain Hook was good with kids? It's another reason Emma would love to move in with her pirate. Though she's scared because of her destiny to die, but Archie helps talk her through it. And eventually, she asks Killian to move in with her and promises she'll make space in her closet for his black leathers next to her red ones. I mean if the fact that they both wear leather jackets doesn't scream destiny, I don't know what does!

The test of True Love

Season 5 episode 20: Though Emma and Killian never get a True Love's Kiss (which I personally still think should have happened), the couple does get a confirmation that they're True Love in another way. And that makes them, and us, very happy! Later on this episode is completely heartbreaking and I was bawling my eyes out during their goodbye.

But, before that the couple has to pass the True Love test. They're sure of their feelings for each other, but they're not sure if they're True Love. Emma goes on to say that she's had her armor up for so long, she sometimes forgets she doesn't need it with him. I mean. My heart grew three sizes, guys. Ultimately, Emma chooses Killian over her heart and they pass the test. As we knew they would!